The best automation system for pharmacies

Automatic loading
Consisting of 6 cameras, scales for weighing, this charger is the fastest for treatment: 1 can scanned and ready to be stored every 8 seconds. Your charger stores up to 450 boxes per hour. The only operation for you is to pour the distribution box directly into the machine.

The gripper stores several references in one operation. On a shelf depth, storing several boxes of different sizes.

The gripper captures several different references and manages the location on the depth of the shelf.

Loading density
The bulk density is about 1800 boxes per meter (based on a 3 meters high machine).

The internal wireless network sends orders directly to the organs of the robot. Maintenance is done remotely, your repairs are made without waiting for the arrival of the technician. Our network is a professional network working on a different basis than with private networks.

The speed is the fastest on the market: 6M/second, 22Km/h. This speed is allowed by the technology of featherweight heads, grippers and the absence of cabling.

Robot barely contains any cables. The risks of failure are very small.