Our technological solutions for a smart pharmacy

FarmaBox, the best automation system for your pharmacy !

Latest generation intelligent robots adapt to your pharmacy

1. FARMABOX® Robot

FARMABOX® is a smart new generation robot that allows you to classify, store and dispense your medicines within your pharmacy in a fast and efficient way.

Available in several models : R4, R5; R6,R7,..

Avoid errors

Product identification eliminates errors in the loading and distribution of medicines.

Sales accelerator

Optimise the workflow in your establishment and increase your turnover while saving resources and operating costs.

Time saving

Your pharmacy staff will have more time to focus on the patient, while providing quality pharmaceutical care that will make a difference, increasing your patients' satisfaction and loyalty.

The speed of movement is the fastest on the market: 6M/second, or 22Km/h. This speed is made possible by the lightweight technology of the head, the grippers and the absence of wiring.

Optimized space

Our adjustable system has been designed to be installed in any kind of space, height or angle: the robot naturally fits your pharmacy exactly where you want it.

Efficient management of your products

Through the exhaustive control of the available stock, the robot ensures that all dispensed medicines respect their expiry date, thus avoiding obsolescence according to the 'First Expired - First Out' rule

Wireless technology

The internal Wifi network transfers orders directly to the robot's components. The maintenance is done remotely, you are helped without waiting for the technician to come. The network is a professional network working on different frequencies than the private networks.

A real pharmacy assistant 

FarmaBox® Wireless System will help you organize and manage your pharmacy stock.

SSL+ storage and products management automation

Super Speed Light perfectly fits inside your pharmacy

2. Farmabox Speed Light+

The Super Speed Light + is an automatic reception, loading, storage and dispensing system for the management of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. It optimises logistics and product flows in pharmacies, drugstores, warehouses and pharmaceutical distribution centres.

Available in several models : 500, 1000, 1500..

Efficient management

Enables the management of logistics and flows of high and medium turnover drugs, which represent up to 90% of annual sales.

Space optimisation

Fits perfectly inside your pharmacy thanks to our modular system and adaptable to any type of pharmacy. Capacity of 3,200 units / m2.

Expiry date control

Ensures that all medicines are dispensed before their expiry date, avoiding obsolescence.

Simple and intuitive software

Compatible with all currently installed systems.

Sales boosting

Immediate availability of medicines identified by different coloured LED lights to provide better customer service.

Productivity improvement

Travail en équipe agile et fluide (dessert jusqu’à 7 points de vente simultanément). La charge et la dispensation sont indépendantes.

Prevents storage and dispensing errors

Thanks to the identification of the different rows by LED technology.

3. FARMABOX® vending 24h/24

FARMABOX® 24h/24 is a self-service street vending machine providing access to a selection of parapharmacy and essential products. It offers a real local service, available 24/7 in your pharmacy!

Additional customers

With a 24-hour offer

Additionnal turnover

The vending machine offers you an additional sales area, even outside your opening hours

Easy to pay

The vending machine has an integrated payment terminal

Simple charging system

Depuis l’intérieur de l’officine, vous chargez les produits grâce à un système ultra simple et rapide

Large storage space

Capacity of approximately 60 items per machine

Temperature control

Air-conditioned with a setting of 18°/20° summer and winter


Fully secure vending

Looking for technological solutions in your pharmacy ?

Contact us as soon as possible to book an appointment with an advisor (Free and non-binding quote)

    Looking for technological solutions in your pharmacy ?

    Contact us as soon as possible to book an appointment with an advisor (Free and non-binding quote)