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Only a part or the whole layout, we help you to improve your pharmacy by building loyalty client, developing your customer database and increasing your turnover. We create themed corners with customized atmospheres adapted to your commercial surface.


TecnyFarma has specialised in the automation of drug dispensing, which offers many advantages for the pharmacist and his team. Discover our solutions for a smart pharmacy!

Business analysis

Do you use your space in an optimal and profitable way ? Does the way to the counter allow customers to see the maximum of products? Are your products highlighted optimally? Thanks to our know-how as a layouts company, we know how to make your pharmacy attractive, functional and sales-friendly, while respecting your personality and your budget.


Metal, wood or glass furniture, we create your custom-made furniture in our factory to perfectly fit your sales area.


Real strategic communication place, advices et sharing, We create a customized counter that suits with your space. It is also possible to give your existing counter a refreshing with a relooking.


Need to refresh your interior design without undertaking major works? Whether it's a new signalization or the covering of a part of your furniture, you can count on our team to elaborate a personalized and efficient relooking project. Do you want to highlight old elements in your pharmacy? We will make them shine!

Lighting study

Want to sell more while reducing your electricity invoices? That's TecnyFarma's guarantee ! Thanks to high-quality, energy-efficient equipment and a well thought-out lighting plan. We help you to give your customers a positive impression, straight to the entrance and effectively highlight your commercial areas.

Transition solutions

Running your business during the works? That’s possible! Depending on the works amount, TecnyFarma has several solutions to guarantee your comfort and that of your patients. our container can contain a commercial area and a laboratory for preparations, a real 'mini-pharmacy' to continue your activity, guaranteeing the comfort of your team and patients.

Visual communication

Improve your visibility with well thought-out visual communication. It is easier to walk through the door if the shop window makes you want to enter. Our graphic design department will create your interior and exterior signalization in harmony with your expectations, your style and your budget.

Supervision of your project

Our architects' team is listening to your project. According to your request, we present you with a preliminary project. This contains detailed plans with more than realistic 3D simulations of your future eyewear shop, as real as if you were there! They will follow you step by step throughout the construction of your project.

Complete construction

The structure is the basis of a solid construction, it is the creation of the structure of your shop, the starting point. TecnyFarma, we carry out the structural work, both covered and enclosed, as well as the finishing work for your new building or the extension of an existing building. A great advantage in terms of time and organisation. By trusting us with the structural work, you are entrusting your dream project to a competent company that has been active since 1981!

Accessories and material

In addition of designing pharmacies, TecnyFarma also provides accessories and all the necessary equipment for the running of your pharmacy: crosses, capsule dispensers, fridges, powder mixers, duty counters, etc.

Why choosing TecnyFarma for your layout ?

The best guarantee we can provide is our client satisfaction

Why choosing TecnyFarma for your layout ?

The best guarantee we can provide is our client satisfaction


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    Our latest pharmacy layout projects

    Our latest pharmacy layout projects