About us

A beautiful story which lasts since 40 years

Our story

TecnyFarma was created by a pharmacist, Pierre-Pascal Hecq in 1981 in Belgium. Who’s better than a pharmacist himself to understand the needs of a pharmacy ? The company quickly set up its offices in Frameries (Belgium) and decided to became totally self-sufficient by creating its own factory in 1982 to design furniture and equipment for pharmacies and stores. Our factory is located in Miranda de Ebro in the North of Spain, only a few hours from Belgium, where we design custom-made furniture adapted specially to your sales area. Over the years, TecnyFarma has been able to face the highly competitive market by diversifying its offer, carrying out its digital transformation and developing services related to the sector. In 2002, TecnyFarma created its own division for the construction of automatic dispensing machines and robots. TecnyFarma offers global solutions worldwide for the design of furniture, construction and fitting out of pharmacies and commercial areas.


Nowadays, TecnyFarma has an international standing and renown. However, we have managed to remain a company with a family mindset that is close to its customers. In 40 years, we have realized more than 8000 projects in the world: Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Namibia, Mexico, etc. We take care of our customers wherever they are in the world. Tecnyfarma continues to develop its robotization and automation solutions for new technology pharmacies. We aim to offer the most efficient solutions on the market.

Layouts around the world
years of experience
Settled robots

Tecnyfarma around the world

Crossing borders, keeping up with trends and listening to our customers, wherever they are in the world.

TecnyFarma's Factory in Spain

Many benefits for the design of your pharmacy by choosing TecnyFarma for your layout

European manufacturing

We are aware of our ecological impact, which is why we work with quality, sustainable and European materials.

Fast delivery

Being self-sufficient allows us to be quick in delivering to the worksite. TecnyFarma also has a fleet of transport trucks for the delivery of furniture and accessories for pharmacies.

Tailored furniture

Which allows us to realize 100% customised projects for every kind of commercial space (pharmacies, optical stores, veterinary clinic,...)

Your stay at Finca Torre de Briñas during your visit at the factory

Our Private Resort is located in Briñas, in La Rioja in the heart of the vineyards and close to the Basque Country.

Only 10 minutes from our factory

Quick access to the factory from Torre de Briñas

Unique experience

A journey can be exhausting, we propose you a relaxing and cultural break around wineyards before your coming to the factory

Hotel Made in TecnyFarma

Thanks to our know-how as a fitter, the hotel was built by our teams